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R in Hydrology Short Course at EGU2018


In this session (check out the details here) you have the opportunity to see some great people and myself showcase the power of R in hydrology - that is, recent packages, models and approaches. Recent developments around the R user and developer base (e.g. R-Ladies) will also be discussed. This is the second installment of the short course (started by Berry Boessenkool), which we hope will turn into a longer running series at the EGU AGMs.


R is an exceptionally useful programming language for data science, modelling and producing (interactive) content. It’s increasingly growing in popularity - from both employee and employer perspective (see this infographic) - due to its flexibility and open source nature. Academia has caught on, and R is now becoming more and more part of our day-to-day workflows. In short: don’t miss out on 1.5 hours of hydrology and R fun!

When and where?

On Wednesday, 11 April. From 10:30 to 12:00 in Room -2.16.

Note the minus in the room number -2.16. Don’t go looking for us up on the second floor - we love basements!


(Co-)Conveners are:

  • Louise Slater (lead)
  • Shaun Harrigan
  • Tobias Gauster
  • Alexander Hurley
  • Guillaume Thirel
  • Claudia Vitolo

See you there!


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