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Update: R in Hydrology Short Course at EGU2018

What a fun week at EGU2018 that was. Unfortunately, due to our time constraints and the many facets of R, I had to cut down on my content delivery for the actual presentation. But fear not:

the entire tutorial (director’s cut) is right here, and you can find the raw document here.

#rstats topics that are covered include:

  • intro to the #tidyverse (piping, mapping, nesting)
  • data handling
  • statistcal modelling (parameter estimation and model selection)
  • a tiny bit of spatial methods

EGU2018 was immensely fun and stimulating, and the short course was a great success (especially working with the convener team and receiving immediate feedback):

Thanks again to everybody that was involved or came along.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions, advice or feedback.

See you at EGU2019!


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